Smart Product Technology Introduces a Security Pod (aka Urban Foxhole) that can be installed under your existing garage floor or a concrete slab. The Security Pod can be used as a panic room, a secure storage vault or a survival bunker. The Security Pod uses a round hull designed to withstand tremendous pressures. The pod is water and chemical proof. It is specifically designed for survival. A Pod can be used for storms, civil unrest, nuclear or biological attacks. The pod can also be used for secure storage with its custom locking system.

The Security Pod is made of an engineered product sandwiched between fiberglass that will not deteriorate or leak. This product can be installed in high water tables. It also is available with its own air filter and circulation system. The concrete pad over the top of the Security Pod offers the most security. Intruders can not dig their way in, Tornadoes can not up root you. Smoke, or chemicals will not get to you.

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