Do I need a permit to install this?


SPT strongly recommends that you check with your local building department. Some building departments require a permit on any work costing over 500 dollars. Others only require permits for electrical and or plumbing. I installed mine as a underground storage unit and later added the electrical and air systems so I did not need a permit when I installed the original Survival pod. Digging over 4 feet deep requires a shoring plan. I used 1 @1/8 plywood behind 2×4 framing.


Why is it round like a ball?


At Smart Product Technology we have combined the innovation of high pressure building materials and  married it to the strongest known geometrical configuration (a sphere) to obtain the strongest possible hull system available that is affordable and able to install under any home garage floor.


How many people can occupy the security pod?


It really depends on a number of factors. If you are going to be able to run the air system either continuously or intermittently, then thirteen adults can sit comfortably around the edge and still have 5-6 feet between you and the person directly across from you. If you will not be running an air system then it depends on the time you will be in the pod. The pod contains aproximately 750 qubic feet of air (give or take depending on how much space is used for storage) One adult under normal breathing requires 60 cubic feet of oxygen per hour. This calculation will help you calculate when you need an air exchange. Fear or panic will cause people to breathe more. If occupants start feeling ill you will need to exchange air above the frequency calculated.


Can I install it myself?


If you have some basic construction skills you can install the Security Pod yourself.


Is the Security Pod water proof?


Yes! the pod is water proof! We specially designed the pods high pressure hull system to be chemical and water proof. It can be installed into high water table areas.


How long will a Security Pod last.


The Security Pod was designed out of non biodegradable materials. multiple layers of fiberglass, non biodegradable structural fill materials, and other numerous coatings allow this structure to have an unknown longevity.


Does this have to be under a slab?


It does not have to be under a slab but it is strongly recommended. The hull system is built to withstand the forces of heavy material installed on top of the pod. The reinforced concrete apron gives layers of additional security to the system. It makes the pod extremely difficult for some one to dig their way around the opening. It also gives a very stable platform for severe storms. Under the conditions of a storm you would have thousands of pounds of  reinforced concrete above you to protect you and your security pod. Concrete can be substituted with depth. The deeper you are the more weight you have on the pod, the more weight you have on the pod the more difficult it will be for events above to effect the hull system.


Can you enter from inside your home?


You can enter from inside your home by either a hatch on the floor or you can build a stairwell to a vertical hatch system.


What if I want a bigger Pod?


You can connect multiple pods together with a horizontal connection tube. Custom work is available.


How deep or how shallow can it be buried?

The minimum depth is 14 feet below grade to the bottom of the pod. As deep as you want!


Does it have to be buried?


No But is designed to be buried for best results.


How much room is there inside?


The flat floor space is 8 feet by 8 feet. Where the floor meets the hull, the wall is moving away from the floor which adds additional space. There is 8 feet of head room.


How soon can I get a Security Pod from the time I place my order?


Minimum turn around time is 30 days however a deposit is required to reserve the mold for your desired build out. Waiting time can be as much as 4 months.


Does Smart Product Technology do the installations?


We do provide on-site installation consultants at an additional fee.


How do you enter the pod?


You typically enter through a vertical  hatch. You climb down a steel ladder until you enter the pod. Once you enter the pod the ladder changes to a chain link frame and wood slat ladder. This allows the inner ladder to be rolled up and stored out of the way once the occupants are inside.


Can you sleep in it?


Of course! in fact mine has a hammock installed in it


How does the air system work?


There are 2 air systems. The first is a 110 ac fan only with  no filtration. The second is a 110/12vdc backup filtration pump with filters and a back up hand pump.


What if something is blocking the hatch when I want to get out?


There are 8 lugs underneath the hatch that are held in place by 8 bolts. Simply remove the 8 bolts , slide the included steel beam across the entrance tube and place your hydraulic jack under the  hatch and jack away.


Is there storage in it?


There is storage in the junction box and under the floor.


What kind of floor is in it?


One and One eighth inch plywood.


Can I store food in it?


Yes, in fact its strongly recommended you store food, water, radios, guns and ammo in it.


How long can you stay in it?


That will simply depend on how much provisions and filters you have and how long you can stand to be in the pod.