The Secure Storage Package


The Secure Storage Package

Secure Storage packages are designed for people who want secure storage for weapons, valuables  or emergency supplies. This package comes with one Security Pod, one Junction Box and a choice between two hatches.

The Secure Storage Package is priced at only $32,000 US Dollars plus applicable taxes and shipping costs.


The package comes with One Security Pod that is ten feet two and a quarter inch diameter reinforced hull with fifteen inches of entrance tube. The Security Pod has a specially designed hull able to withstand extreme pressure and be water proof and chemical resistant. The security pod comes in 2 pieces that can fit one piece at a a time through most garage doors. The system is bonded and bolted at the flange connection by the installer on sight. The Security Pod comes with a built in floor system proximately 26 inches off of the bottom of the pod. The floor system comes with access ports for storage. Included with the Security Pod are all bolts and adhesives necessary for installation.

 The standard junction box and hatch are shown below and come welded together. The bottom of the junction box has a hole cut into it to accommodate the entrance tube. To see the hatch specifications please see “Hatch” in the main menu. The junction box comes with a welded entrance ladder deep enough to penetrate the Security Pod approximately one foot. The remainder of the ladder supplied is chain link and wood runners. (this allows the ladder to be rolled up once every one is inside) ( Note: The junction box shown below has a hatch welded to it.)



Two choices of hatches are available and come attached to the junction box. One hatch is flush with the concrete finish. One is raised above the concrete finish and comes with view ports and escape jack

Flush Hatch

(This photo does not contain the view ports)