The Security Pod (Urban Foxhole)

Uses for the Patent Pending Security Pod (Urban Foxhole)


  1. The Security Pod can be used as a storage vault for valuables such as  guns, ammo, or food storage.
  2. The Security Pod can be used as a panic room when accessed from the interior of the home.
  3. The Security Pod can be used as an emergency safe room in case of civil unrest or most natural disasters.
  4. The Security Pod can be used as a  survival pod, when equipped with the filtrated air system.



About the security pod

(patent pending)


  1. The security pod is designed to withstand extreme pressures. The specially designed hull system is 1 and 1/8 inch thick.
  2. It is designed to be buried under ground and covered with a concrete slab such as a patio or garage floor.
  3. The security Pod is water proof and will not rust.
  4. The Security Pod is especially designed to be installed into existing garages under the concrete slab.
  5. The Security Pod can be installed in high water tables


The Security Pod consists of four major components, which can be purchased separately: the Security Pod, Junction Box, Hatch, and Air system.

The Security Pod is a 10’ 2 ½” outside dimensional sphere that comes in two half spheres that are joined at a flange. This allows for easy installation into an existing garage by allowing two  5’ 1¼” half spheres to be slid into an existing garage opening and lowered into a hole. The Two halves are joined inside the hole. At the top of the sphere is a 15” tall entrance tube with a 42” circumference. A flat floor (8′ x 8′) is then installed 26″ above the bottom of the pod, leaving 94″ between the floor and the top of the sphere.

The Junction Box is a 2” x 2” tube framed, welded box, covered in welded sheet metal. The Junction Box allows a steel hatch to be installed on its top and has a hole in the bottom to slide over the entrance tube. The Junction box also acts as the entrance for air snorkel lines, electrical and antenna if desired. The junction box is an installation area for blast valves; a platform for the emergency escape jacking system and additional storage.


The Hatch is welded onto the junction box. The hatch should have a minimum combing of 8 inches to allow for concrete pouring above junction box. Hatches can be custom made to meet the desired owner specifications. Smart Product Technology has two hatch designs available without special ordering. The first is a 36” square finish opening flush aluminum hatch, specifically for garage slabs or other areas that may have vehicles driving over it. The second is a hardened steel hatch with optional view ports.



Hatch installed

The air system is an “American Safe” air system that is operated from either 110 volt ac or 12 volt DC power system. The upgraded system includes a positive air pressure vale and two blast valves, and comes with a variety of filters such as HEPA and NBC.