Air system

This air system, supplied by American Safe Room, is optional. This unit operates on 120 volt ac  (12 volt dc), and contains a 12v dc battery charging system; whether the air system is running or not, it will trickle charge your backup 12v battery system which–in the case of a loss of power–will power both the filtration and air circulation systems. Always use sealed gel batteries in an enclosed system. An optional hand air pump is also available


The air system is mounted in the bottom of the  pod and connected by plastic tubing to the galvanized steel snorkel tubes which supply fresh air from the outside.







Blast valves are also available for this air system. Blast valves protect occupants from the concussive effects of a pressure wave, and can be manually closed in order to prevent an outsider from forcing gas or other substances through the air system into your Security Pod.  These valves are installed at both the intake and exhaust air systems inside the junction box.