With a flat surface, the hatch is designed to fit flush in your concrete surface; cars and people will not even notice when they traverse the surface. Made of cast aluminum, the hatch is designed to withstand a static load of 2500lbs. The body of the hatch is eight inches deep and made of steel.



The center of the hatch contains a specially shaped hub. This hub will accept a flush lock mechanism specially supplied by the manufacturer. It also accepts a specially designed lug handle to unlock the dogs from above. When entering the Security Pod: remove the flush lock; use the lug handle to release the dogs; lift hatch and enter, taking both the lock mechanism and the lug handle with you.

From this view, you can see the eight locking dogs that are operated by the hand wheel. If the wheel is locked into place, the hatch dogs can not be released from the outside with the lug handle. This offers additional protection to occupants inside. The hatch lid also uses gas assisted cylinders, which makes opening and closing the hatch cover so easy, even a small child could do it.

The hatch contains a gasket that completely seals the hatch, making it water and vapor proof