Ultimate Tornado Shelter

The Urban Foxhole is the ultimate tornado shelter for a number of reasons!

Other tornado shelters are either burried in the yard, (causing you to have to go outside to get in them) or they are steel boxes that are bolted to your garage floor, (These take up a large amount of your garage floor area and are still crushable under certain circumstances)

The Urban Foxhole installs under your existing garage floor! This allows you to take shelter without having to go outside of your home! This is VERY Important! Try waking at 2 am with 90 mph winds and have to go outside to enter your shelter.

The Urban foxhole is very roomy. The floor dimensions are 8 feet across by 8 feet across with 8 feet of head room. Its the size of a very small bedroom. This allows you to use the Foxhole as a bedroom! Lets say you have a Tornado warning for the evening, you simply bed down in the Urban Foxhole for the night!

With the Urban Foxhole entrance located  just inside the garage you also have the ability to use the Foxhole as a safe room and secure storage system for guns or other valuables. Not only is this one of the best sfes around but its easily concealable!

This tornado Urban Foxhole also comes with an air filtration system. If you are trapped for a long period of time the Urban Foxhole is designed to be a well protected survival bunker!

See the following video of the Urban Foxhole being used as a tornado shelter.


Urban Foxhole Tornado Shelter